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Opus Pro v9.6

fast-track visual development of HTML5, Windows and Flash applications, elearning and multimedia for Windows, iPad and Android


Opus Pro is a visual development tool for fast-track development of HTML5, Flash and Windows applications and resources. From simple games and elearning resources to complex simulations, commercial programs and database applications with or without programming.

Publish and distribute to Android, iPad, Mac, Windows, HTML5, Flash, SCORM and Moodle as well as .EXE, CD-Rom and DVD-video for pleasure, promotion or profit.

New Features in 9.6 Video and Audio Elements, SCORM support in OpusScript

We've improved the control of video and audio elements in HTML5 publications to allow even better control of interactive overlays and elearning.

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  • JavaScript Action

    Attach javascript to any trigger on any object in your Opus HTML5 publication just as you would any other Opus action. A powerful and flexible addition lets you create stylish designs easily but integrate the power of javascript when you need it.

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  • Responsive Content

    Now any DIV can be set to automatically resize to fit the surrounding DIV. SImply use the standard Resize option in Chapter Properties and Opus does the rest. Then when your responsive web design resizes the surrounding DIV and your content simply resizes to fit - including animation, games and more. There's no need to keep swapping different size content or removing content completely.

    Go to Responsive Content Further Details

  • HTML Object

    Create a container in your Opus HTML5 content for standard HTML. Simply paste the HTML you want to use into the edit box to embed all kinds of objects...

      • Google Maps
      • Paypal buttons
      • Flickr
      • Javascript widgets

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Embed Images and Disable Right Click

You can now embed your images into the HTML using base-64 encoding and disable the right-click context menu. Both of these help make your resources more secure and not so easy to copy.

Other New Features

  • SWF Support
  • Add custom items to HTML header
  • Scrollbars supported in HTML5
  • GotoPage script support in HTML5
  • New Question templates including Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire
  • New Borders including Shiny Tech - tablets and phones

Fixes and Improvements

  • Android Sound Support improved
  • Improved Collision Detection
  • New Tutorial and Samples links from Help menu
  • Text variable error fixed
  • Text improvements in HTML
  • Key generation easier in Android Packager
  • Drag and drop on disabled objects fixed
  • Delay action overran page change
  • and many more minor fixes

Shortcut to Stylish but Powerful Development

Opus Pro HTML5 and Android Montage

A visual development all-in-one studio for quick-fire design and development of the widest range of applications for the widest range of devices, in the most cost-effective way.

Opus Pro offers a wider range of functionality than any comparable package. No add-ons or extra programs required - everything you need in a single program - to create interactive material for Windows, HTML5, iPad, Android and more.

Runs under Windows (on PC or Mac) and publishes to HTML5 (for iPad, iPhone, Android, Linux, Mac and Windows), Flash, CD, Windows EXE, video (for YouTube) or DVD. Distribute freely for pleasure or profit.

  • Get Started Quickly

    Intuitive and easy to use, yet full of features so you're not restricted to preset templates.

    The familiar Windows interface lets you combine all types of multimedia resources into your publication by simply drawing them into place on a page.

    Properties, Effects and Actions can be set quickly via a simple select-and-apply interface. You only need to use programming when you need something extra.

    Select Goto Page Action
  • Fast-Track Interactive Development

    Ideal for...

      • HTML5 Web Development
      • SCORM & Moodle elearning
      • Flash Games and Applications
      • Simulations
      • Technical Documentation
      • Software Training
      • Database interfaces
      • Learning Programming
      • Interactive Sales Literature
      • Data-capture promotions
      • YouTube Animations
      • Thesis Presentations
      • Multimedia Authoring
      • Software Prototypes

    Suitable for...

      • elearning Professionals
      • Developers
      • Health and Safety Trainers
      • Secondary Schools
      • Universities
      • Marketing Professionals
      • Computer Science Teachers
      • Technical Writers
      • Academics
      • Corporate Design teams
      • Engineers
      • Instructional Designers
      • Whiteboard Resources

  • Computer Science Education

    Opus Pro is increasingly being used to teach Computer Science because of the option to begin with code-free development so students are productive and engaged more quickly and then introduce real world coding practices and more technical programming techniques at an appropriate pace.

    The ability to output HTML5 and package for Android means students can create material for their own devices.

    In addition, Opus Pro is simple enough for digital studies subjects and can be used to cover a range of curriculum units saving your budget and saving you the time of learning several different products. Used by schools and colleges across the world including UK, USA, Australia and Brazil, for Digital Studies, ICT and Computer Science, including qualifications from OCR, EdExcel, Cambridge Assessment, AQA and WJEC.

HTML5 Design and Development - the Best of Both Worlds

Design your HTML5 layout as easily as a WYSiWYG DTP package but keep the chance to tweak the standard code by hand or add standard JavaScript or standard components. Opus Pro output can include standard HTML or be included in standard HTML.

We don't bulk the output with proprietary extensions or complex functions. Our small JavaScript library simply provides the core functions to make stylish interactive content, animation and completely freeform layout possible using standard SVG.

Powerful eLearning Can Be Easy Too

Working with real-world customers on real-world solutions means we know what elearning needs and where your eLearning software should be making life easier.

Key scoring metrics are tracked automatically but accessible when you need them. Manage pass thresholds at course or topic level and even set specific questions as critical to ensure key knowledge has been retained.

We've provided sophisticated templates to get you started quickly but have left them freeform and flexible so you're not in the straitjacket so many other "elearning" software leaves you in.

You can add, delete or redesign elements, actions and properties by simply editing options on a dialog. You can shuffle and reorder and perform calculations on questions, responses and scores. You can even have more than one question on a page.

Use Your Subject Matter Experts

Opus Pro lets subject matter experts and colleagues add comments or make content changes easily, while individual elements can be "locked" (using the Permissions feature) to protect the underlying instructional design.

Opus Pro Includes All Popular Question Types Pre-built but also Fully Customisable

Opus Pro offers the best of both worlds - ready-made templates of key question types which can then be edited in an entirely free-form way, ensuring your content does  what you really need and looks  the way you really want.


Getting It Out There

Finished Opus Pro projects can be published in a number of different formats for distribution to others without needing Opus themselves  (no projector required; no pack and go necessary) such as;

  • HTML5 for iPad, Android, PC, Mac and more
  • Adobe Flash® SWF
  • Stand-alone .EXE files with setup program and icon
  • Android APK packager
  • SCORM packager
  • CD-Rom or USB
  • Plexus - browser plugin
  • Video and DVD-video

Makes it easy to develop one set of resources that can be re-used for different output formats.


Goto Icon Full List of Features and Feature Highlights

Web Development and SCORM Elearning Features

All the features in Opus Creator are available in Opus Pro. In addition Pro offers advanced features including:

  • database support
  • SCORM elearning - details
  • OpusScript
  • JavaScript Action in HTML5 - details
  • Embed HTML in HTML5 - details
  • evaluation version control
  • updateable publications

and other advanced features (see the Feature Reference for a complete list). Opus Pro also has the power and flexibility to extend your project with OpusScript, Javascript, php, mySQL and third party DLLs.


Opus Pro includes a sophisticated Question object which provides automatic scoring and topic and course metrics. It was created from our real world experience on real elearning projects to ensure it does what you need, not what programmers think you want [see case studies].

Simply choose a question type on the page (multi-choice, multi-response, cloze procedure, text input, custom and more) draw it in place and then customise your answers and their scores. Opus Pro tracks all your key metrics without any scripting; including Score_Correct, Score_Total, and Score_Percent.

Opus Pro can even check the best possible score to see if a pass has become impossible so the learner can be referred back to revision without wasting further time. Other key variables are also tracked automatically.

Go to Create Test Questions Feature Highlight - Auto Scoring Questions

Unique to Opus Pro is the option to set a question or task as "critical" allowing you to ensure that core skills are understood - whatever the overall pass mark required.

SCORM and Moodle Made Simple

We've made it easy to build SCORM-compliant elearning to meet your specific needs and use in Moodle and any other SCORM-compliant Learning Management Systems.

Go to SCORM publishing Feature Highlight - SCORM Publishing

SCORM Actions

Providing key SCORM activity as standard Opus actions means it is just as simple to read and write SCORM data as any other action in Opus - simply select your requirements and apply.

The commands you use regularly are built in but there's a custom option too for anything else you might want to do.

SCORM Packager

You can build the SCORM package directly from within Opus Pro - no extensions or additional programs required. Again you have as much or as little work to do as you want. Opus Pro provides default settings appropriate to your publication or you can edit them to suit.

Then Opus Pro will just build the zip file with all the components and the manifest SCORM requires, ready for you to simply upload to your LMS.

  • Drag and Drop

    Any object can be set to be draggable and any object can be set as a drop zone. Then link actions to the dropped object with a few simple settings.

    Use the dropped object to save a score or trigger any other activity.

    Go to Drag and Drop programming Further Details.

  • Hotspots

    Use the inbuilt drawing tools to create invisible overlays and hotspots on images to make particular areas interactive. Particularly useful for maps and diagrams.

    Design Hotspots Further Details.

  • Text Input

    Capture information from the user via any number of text input boxes.

    Position where you want and assign a variable easily. Use on the current pages or save to cookie or database.

    Ideal for log-in, customer questionnaires, feedback, personalisation or text quizzes.

  • Bookmarks

    Actions to Set a Bookmark and Go to Bookmark make it easier than ever before to let visitors to return to where they were.

  • Collision Detection

    Just choose which objects collide with which and set the action you want as a result and Opus does the rest.

    Goto Icon Further Details

  • Mouseover and Rollovers

    Pro MouseOver screenshotMouseovers and rollovers provide a visual cue that an object is interactive and are core requirements in web design and multimedia authoring to ensure good user experience (UX). So with Opus Pro they're built in.

    Any object can have a set of appearances designed to display when the mouse moves over, when a button is down or when the object is clicked on/disabled/being dragged. Set a flare, stretch the object slightly or change the border - it's all as easy as designing the properties of the object in the first place and Opus takes care of the scripting automatically.

    If you do want to design special events for rollovers there are dedicated MouseOver and MouseExit triggers and even special Rollover version of multiframes - ideal for displaying tooltips or other hints.

    Goto Icon Further Details

  • Timelines

    Pro Timeline screenshot

    Sequence your content with individual Show and Hide actions for objects or add events to a timeline.

    Timelines allow you to place all the standard Opus Pro actions at specific times and then drag to reposition for precise timing. Different channels allow you to overlap actions.

    Playing audio on it's own channel allows you to view the waveform and preview the file to help get perfect synchronization with music or narration.

    Goto Icon Feature Highlight - Timelines.

  • Slideshows

    Unique and eye-catching slideshows are easy, even in HTML5. Simply add your images to a list and decide individual timing and transitions. Control your slideshow with actions to play, stop, step forwards or backwards or even jump to a specific frame. Fully supported in Flash and HTML5 export for flexible and original slideshows on your website.

    Goto Icon Feature Highlight - Versatile Slideshows.

  • Multiframes

    Combine groups of different objects into frames you can control just like a slideshow - play, stop, or go to specific frames. Ideal for creating dynamic content with text as well as images.

    Goto Icon Further Details

  • Shape Tween Animation

    Full tweening animation tool in the program includes node tweening, gradient colour tweening and tweens on animation paths.

    Goto Icon Feature Highlight - Tween Animation

  • Vector Drawing Tools

    Opus Pro Vector Draw screenshot

    Full suite of vector drawing tools included - with node editing, gradient fills, line styles and end caps. Draw your own objects, arrows and clipart or import EMF from drawing packages such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.

    Goto Icon Feature Highlight - Full suite of Drawing Tools

Showcase of HTML5, Elearning and Multimedia created with Opus Pro

Opus Pro lets you develop a wider range of materials more cost-effectively and now includes HTML5 web development.

Take a look at these sample publications designed specially to highlight just some of the many things you can now do with Opus Pro.

Cultural Navigator Quiz - Simple quiz with automatic scoring!

Opus Pro Quiz Example - Preview Image

A short sampler of a cultural awareness publication based on a promotional resource for schools and businesses promoting cultral awareness material from the Faith Regen Foundation.

Made with Opus Pro using the new Question object and highlighting some of the key scoring metrics which are tracked automatically.

Click to View "Quiz Example"

Beyond Extraordinary - HTML5 Slideshows you can drag and drop!

Opus Pro HTML5++ Slideshow - Preview Image

Take a look at what's possible with HTML5 slideshows in Opus Pro. Just think what your website could do with these features. This single page highlights all the slideshow controls and illustrates drag and drop, rotate and animate!

All would usually require extensive scripting or jQuery extensions but with Opus Pro you simply select and apply the settings you want - including different effects and slide timings for each slide.

Click to View "Slideshow Showcase"

Multi-site Browser

Multi-site Internet Browser - Preview Image

Create your personal web portal. Use the Browser object to display several websites on the same page.

The previews are live so you can use this to monitor several sites in real time. You can explore the site via the thumbnail, or click the full screen button alongside to open the page fully.

Click to View "Multi-site Web Preview"

Complete Website - Introducing HTML5++ with Opus Pro

Introduction to HTML5 Editor - Preview Image

To introduce the vast array of features which Opus Pro now offers web designers, this is a traditional-style website revamped using as many HTML5++ features as we could squeeze in.

A range of sections highlight the overall benefits as well as specific features such as tween animation, slideshows and mouseovers. All would require coding or jQuery extensions but with Opus Pro you simply select and apply the settings you want.

Click to View "Introducing HTML5++ Features"

Multiple Slideshows in HTML5

Opus Pro HTML5++ Slideshow - Preview Image

Another website mock-up illustrating how Pro can be used to show multiple slideshows and to produce content slideshows. It shows how two slideshows can be controlled by a single set of controls but equally you could have separate controls.

Click to View "Multiple HTML Slideshows"

  • Showcase Your Web Design Here

    Got a great design you made with Opus Pro? Contact marketing@digitalworkshop.com to showcase it here.

  • Features and Flexibility

    Opus Pro gives you all the features in Opus Creator but adds more advanced data-handling and elearning features, together with a programming script, for a versatile development tool which is still designed to make all kinds of development quicker and more cost-effective than any other tool.

    Goto Icon Feature Highlights.

    Goto Icon Full List of Features.

  • Object Properties to Style and Design

    As with Creator wide range of Properties can be set for any object can simply be applied by selecting options from a set of tabs on a dialog. Lets you create stylish and professional-looking material whether you are a desginer or not.

    Choose from over 1000 transitions, borders, effects and customisable animations.Set transparency, flare, texture and more.

    Goto Icon Full List of Properties.

  • Actions with or without Programming

    Fundamental actions can be applied to any object simply by selecting options from a set of dialogs. A wide range of triggers can launch all the basic activities including Show, Hide, Animate, Print and much more. But when you need to go further Opus Pro provide OpusScript - a full scripting language built on javascript syntax.

    Goto Icon Full list of Actions


Powerful but Still Easy to Use?

Opus Pro is has all the features a visual development tool requires and yet provides shortcuts to get projects done more easily and cost-effectively. Fundamentals like layout, graphical effects and animation are pre-built but fully-customisable but if you need to get even more sophisticated, OpusScript allows you to go deeper and create whatever code you need including connecting to PHP, MySQL or Windows DLLs.

Here are some links to further details on how the product works, getting started and key feature highlights.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Opus Pro just for Programmers?

No. Even though Opus Pro is very popular with independent developers it's designed to make development accessible to anyone familiar with Windows software such as desktop publishing or spreadsheets. You don't have to write any scripts unless you want to, and even then you often only need to write something short and specific rather than code a whole program.

Can I use Opus Pro on a Mac?

Yes. Opus Pro is a Windows application but we have a number of customers using it on a Mac using virtualization software such as Boot Camp or Parallels.

what can opus do for me

System Requirements and Specifications

Here are some shortcuts to reference on how the product works and key feature highlights.


Current version: Opus Pro v9.5 - published 04 November 2014